Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and promote self confidence! 

Our brand was started to build confidence and we hope to spread positive self esteem by promoting individuality through our brand.We strive to increase positivity and inspire individuals in their own missions to be proud of who UR, by making a mark and being individual. 

A message from Jodi LaFountain, Founder & CEO,

   The Brand UR was started on complete accident really, we got the idea to print a self confidence booster tee shirt when our daughter was being "picked on" in school. She was told she would "never be popular" To make her feel confident and stand up for herself we custom ordered her a special shirt that she could to wear to school which plainly stated popular. We felt this shirt would make her feel special & confident and stand up to the girl who labeled her without even having to say a word. We HIGHLIGHTED the U and the R in the word popUlaR to signify that she was popular that EVERYONE is popUlaR.
Who would have thought that by making her one little shirt to help her with her confidence would have made such a BIG impact! The shirt was designed to make her feel special and to make people aware! That one shirt grew from being worn in a small town to a national brand that celebrities now support! The support and attention we received from the popUlaR tee shirt inspired us to create an entire company -
THE BRAND UR as we are known for today. 
THE BRAND UR is now our anti-bullying company that creates
apparel, provides school assembles, hosts celebrity meet & greets and throws anti-bullying parties and events across the country - it promotes anti-bullying awareness and inspires self confidence. Just by wearing the UR logo or attending one of our events you are supporting and spreading anti-bullying awareness and showing everyone that you are proud of who UR! 
 Thank you for believing in UR, wearing it proudly, spreading awareness and showing support! We appreciate who UR!


Name of Charitable Organization  AG Account Number FEIN